I love Youtube!

Youtube is considered a long form marketing tool because you can upload a 5 minute video, a 1 hour video or a 24 hr. video. You can’t really do that on Instagram or Twitter. You can upload 1 min and 2 min respectively. And this is where Youtube becomes a very powerful medium and brings a lot of value when doing video testimonials, because it takes around 3 to 5 min to convey a message or tell a brand story.

What is social media for business?

I want to ask for you one second to forget everything you think you know about social media, and lets start from zero. Social media for business. What is it? I did some research and I came up with this definition.

Social media for business is a type of internet marketing that involves using strategic methods in the creation and sharing of relevant content on social media networks, in order to achieve marketing and branding goals.